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Artist Statement


My Art explores feelings and emotions found in Cornish heritage, landscape, and personal experiences, mainly sculpting with Cornish granite and steel.


The dynamic geological movement that is locked within the rocks of West Cornwall, as well as the wild coastline, severe weather, and mining heritage all influence my work.

Carving directly on interesting and ‘characterful’ boulders, through a process of reciprocity, each cut or strike of the chisel is carefully considered. Capitalising on the emotional bond that develops between sculptor and stone, the stories and shapes held within are creativity revealed. Often removing a large percentage of the original stone to reveal a sensitive, tactile, and curvaceous form. 


Despite having had a passion for art from an early age, parental guidance steered me towards a “meaningful” career in engineering.  18 years ago, with a masters degree in design, another in business administration, and a successful career in senior management under my belt, I choose to go back to University, and study Fine Art. I quickly realise yet more qualifications were not the answer. Instead, I was drawn to Cornwall’s harsh, wild environment, a place which resonates with my rocky north Yorkshire upbringing. Here, I am able to freely express myself and develop art that is historically, visually and emotionally, connected with this unique corner of the world.



I'm always happy to discuss my work and invite visitors to my studio. Please use the link below.

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