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A testimonial from a valued customer 

The sculpture I have in my home is graceful. It combines the most beautiful, tactile, velvet lines and shapes with an unhewn natural form.

Firstly, when I look at this piece it makes me think of the passage of time. Rocks are nature’s sculptures chiseled by centuries of weathering and erosion. Smoothing granite into a tactile polished surface accelerates the effect of years – it is as though the tides of the millennium have washed over this piece (and many of your other pieces), leaving sophisticated smooth shapes. In the sculpture in my home this sense of washing away is amplified by the fact that there are untouched parts of stone. You have achieved this weathering a much shorter period – it has not taken a whole millennium. This piece could almost have a title “time” or “the passage of time”.

Second, nature is stunning but sometimes inaccessible and untamed and disordered. Your piece is almost a celebration of the human mind – the human mind imposes an order and a structure which can transcend the untamed magnificence of nature. We do this in our gardens all the time. It is as though you have tried to explain that desire for order in your piece. If it is called “Gardener” or  “Order” I for one would understand

                                                                                              Derek Johashen  - Barrister at Law

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