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Miss Fitt

This sculpture explores the relationship between a “Key Worker” and the times in which they live.  On one side, when things are “normal”, they are all too often undervalued and their good will taken for granted. On the other, when times are rough, they work smoothly, without question, yet they are still not afforded adequate and fair recognition, nor reward. A clap is not enough.  Despite this, they still manage to maintain a polished edge of professionalism.


The slim standing stone is cut smooth on one side and naturally rough on the other. Inspired by the contrast of these rough and smooth textured surfaces, I sought to make a statement about perceptions and attitudes within our society. By reversing a symmetrical silhouette, brings these surfaces into focus. The rough background with a smooth figure on one side, contrasting with a rough textured figure in a flat consistent surrounding on the other. A polished edge to the figure symbolising self-respect. For me, this spoke volumes about social attitudes that have come to light during the difficult times experienced in 2020.

This sculpture can be seen on the village green at Trew, near Breage,

West Cornwall     TR13 9QW

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